The double degree programme covers both the Master's level and Doctoral level studies: The joint Master's Programme in Information and Communication Techonology leading to the Finnish degree Master of Science in Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.) (diplomi-insinööri) and the Chinese degree Master of Engineering, M.Eng; The joint Doctoral Programme in Information and Communication Technology, Dr.Sc. (Tech.) also Ph.D. (Tech.) (tekniikantohtori in Finnish), or Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. (filosofian tohtori in Finnish) and to the Chinese degree Doctor of Science.

The Programme consists of four study modules: (i) a mandatory course module in an ICT major; (ii) an elective course module; (iii) a capstone project module; and (iv) a Master's thesis. The total amount of credits is 120 ECTS.

The emphasis in the Programme has been in Embedded Electronics. In future, the aim is to extended the Programme to include more disciplines. All courses will be given in English which is also used in a project and Thesis work.

Student Selection

University of Turku and Fudan University will jointly select students into the Programme. Being able to apply to the Programme, a student has to pass the entrance requirements of the home university. Based on the applications, the Selection Committee will select student based on their eligibility, study success (at Bachelor's level) and interviews (in English). English proficiency is ensured during an interview.

Application period is open once a year during the Spring semester. The time will varry from year to year.

Tuition Fees

Students will follow the regulation and policies regarding tuition fees of their home universities. For the joint students joining the programme, the following will apply: the students of Fudan University will pay no tuition fee to University of Turku; and the students of the University of Turku will pay no tuition fee to Fudan University.

However, the students of Fudan University must pay a Student Union fee at University of Turku.

Study Time

The Programme is 2 year full time study having a mandatory exchange period of minimum one term as shown below. Each students will spent 3 semesters in their home university and at least one semester exchange period in the other university. During the exchange period, students have to take at least 30 ECTS, or one semester equivalent, of coursework being eligible for gaining a degree from both universities.

Home University


Exchange Period


The following courses has been taught in the Programme. Each year the list of courses will be ensured before a new academic year.

Each of the courses is worth 5 ECTS.

Fudan University

  • Digital Systems Engineering
  • RFID & Internet of Things
  • Embedded System & Application
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • HDL Based Design
  • Energy Efficient Embedded Electronics
  • Reconfigurable Computing (A)
  • Wireless Communication Engineering
  • Multiprocessor Architectures
  • High-Speed Electronic System Design
  • Fundamentals of Digital Communication System Design
  • Analog-to-Digital/Digital-to-Analog Converter Perspective

University of Turku

  • Advanced Course on Operating Systems
  • Advanced Internet Technologies
  • Advanced Sensor Networking
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • FPGA Prototyping
  • Principles of Interaction Design
  • Protocol processing
  • Seminar on Embedded Computing
  • Sensor Network Systems
  • Software Architectures
  • System-on-Chip Design
  • System Verification


At present, Finnish universitites charge no tuition fees. However, students have to pay for their housing and living expenses. Extensive Survival Guide of studying in Finland and more specifically in Turku can found from the University of Turku studying web pages and guides for international students in various practical and academic matters.

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Further information in several languages can be found here: